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Tree-Five Minute Friday

Five Minute Friday where we write for 5 minutes. No looking back. No correcting typos. Just write. Today's prompt is Tree. I was little. Maybe 4 or 5 years old I would go with mom across the floating bridge. She would let me pay the toll. On sunny days it was so gorgeous. We would go across Lake Washington and drive past the University. I always thought someday I would go to school Past the…
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Christian Living


I haven't done a 5 Minute Friday in forever. I started following along again after Allume. No. I didn't go, but those are 'my people' I need to be with them. So today I am going to write. Five minutes. No back tracking. No fixing. Just write. True meaning True love Real love that stands the test of time. The True love that survives the seemingly unsurvivable. When he loves her wholly and completely even…
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It's that time again. To gather with others across the world and write for 5 Be sure to go back to Lisa Jo's home on the interwebs to read the other Five Minute Friday goodness. Fall We are all sinners who Fall short of the Glory of God. But. I have news for you. Come close. Let me whisper in your ear. You may Fall. But guess what? HE FORGIVES YOU! IF you ask for…
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Five Minute Friday Imagine

Every Friday writers across the interwebs take five minutes and write. They write about whatever Lisa Jo prompts them to write about. This week: Imagine Imagine a world without fear. Imagine a world without anger. Imagine a world without hungry children. Imagine a world where there is no war. No crime. No illness. You see my friend, He has given us free will. So while we can Imagine these things. Pray for these things. We…
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Five minutes of 't write. Cherished. Time. You. Time with you. The weeks you are out of town make me Cherish you all the more. Our weekends seem so short. The week seem to drag on. As the years go by you are more Cherished. Some days I can't believe it's been 17 it seems like yesterday. I don't tell you enough. That you are Cherished. Although words aren't your love language. You are Cherished.…
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Lisa Jo, every week, posts a writing prompt. We just write. No corrections. Just raw writing. Go/ We chose not to Stay. The church home of 5 years. Things happened. Words were said. I tweeted. Misunderstandings. Meetings. More words. Hurt. In the end We chose not to Stay It's been a journey, this choice. We sometimes feel we are in the dessert. He hasn't left us, even though we chose not to Stay. If anything…
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Every Friday we write. For 5 minutes. No corrections. No re-writes. Just write. In the Quiet spaces of my heart. The places only He knows. Where only my deepest secrets are. Where I want to keep them Quiet. Not sharing doesn't give God the glory. Not sharing the Quiet is making Satan loud. "you can't share that" "you will lose readers if you share that" "He won't forgive that" The Quiet places need to be…
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Five Minute Friday Look

Every week Lisa Jo @Lisa Jo posts a writing prompt. You get 5 minutes to write. No corrections. No editing. Just write. Next week I will be at Allume. I get to write with other Five Minute Friday writers ! TOGETHER! Until Look. To the future. New season of life. Look. Back at the past. Seasons past when they were little. The season that we thought would never end. Look. At the present. Here and…
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Five Minute Friday – Race

Over at Lisa Jo's Five Minute Friday we are linking up. Today's Race. Five minutes. Just write. About two and a half years ago I started running. On purpose. I gradually started to actually enjoy running. I decided to run a race. Race for the Cure April of 2010. To honor my cousin Jamie. That was my first and only race I ran All miles. Without stopping. I was passed by a speed walker y'all.…
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