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Building a Greenhouse

The Principal and the kids built me a Greenhouse. This is homeschooling at it's finest. Math. PE Quality time. (Ok this isn't a class, but still good for the soul) They remembered what the plumb line was from seeing it at Mount Rushmore. This was great in helping to keep everything square. Even Samantha the Wonder Dog helped. Here is the inside after it was finished. I can't wait to get planting this year! The…
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Started our Garden Indoors

We are going to attempt to start our Square Foot Gardening again. You can read about last year's attempt here. This year, with my new found hobby of Preparedness, I am DETERMINED to have a healthy garden so I can can our bounty. One way we are attempting to do better than last year is to start before MAY! We also started inside.     These are obviously temporary homes for the seeds. It was…
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