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What Curriculum Do We Use?

This year has come together swimmingly as far as 'curriculum' goes. I switched from Simply Charlotte Mason as our guide and went to Ambelside Online. Ambelside seems a little more challenging. So far so good. There's more assigned reading than my kids are used to, but it isn't twaddle.   Their Schedule: History Autobiography of Ben Franklin History of American People by Johnson, Paul Young Patriots Class with Founders Academy +extra assignements Language Arts: Grammar…
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Time for a Change

The beauty in homschooling is the flexibility to change things up. If one of your children isn't 'getting' math you can leave and come back to it or you can change the way you teach it. If you started out with K12 and decide it's not for you, you can change it up and switch to, say, unit studies. We have run the gamut of styles of homeschooling. K12 to Unit Studies to Charlotte Mason…
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