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5 Things I Learned AFTER Getting Chickens

My list of things I didn't know until I got chickens. Compost Material They poop. A lot. Which really probably isn't an issue, except in winter, when they do it at your front door. Because we have a sidewalk to the garage that is where they like to hang out most of the winter. I suppose we could quit shoveling the snow, but then we'd have to deal with snow. (This is where I was…
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Christian Living

Why We Homeschool

  He led us to homeschool. If He is whispering in your ear that you should, He won't let you down. I can't do this homeschooling thing alone Long bus ride. Over an hour each way. Yes. My kids haven't always homeschooled. Living rurally they had a long ride. End of the year when it's hot it was not fun. Enjoy the first snow day. Or first day of Spring. When the weather changes we…
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The Boyfriend Pillow

Could also be titled colonoscopy prep tips or TMI post. No, I am not 50 , I had to have one of these dreaded procedures. The positive? 10 years before my next one OH YA! I had gone in for my yearly check up and had a routine blood draw. It came back 'severely anemic.' So my family doc said we really need to find out why. This is more than your monthly Aunt Flo…
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