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He’s Got This

I just want to encourage you. School is in full swing. You probably have a few mid terms to study for. The holidays are just around the corner. Take a deep breath and lean on Him. He's got you. With Him you've got this thing called life. Be encouraged, girls. Know we are praying for you!
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He Loves Us

    It is the bondage of unbelief if you think God hates you. Ever. He does not hate you, even when you mess up. It's a tethered love.  You are tethered to Him. Your umbilical cord was cut when you are born. When you are born again it is like you are bonded to     He Will NEVER leave you or forsake you! ~Hebrews 13:5
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I got the chance to go to a meeting today. A meeting about a conference that our church is hosting in November. The title of the conference is Unmasked. After the book by speaker and author Jim Anderson. I went to the meeting with the intention of serving. I am a mom to a son that had a pornography addiction. I want to be there to help young adults with their recovery of sin. Well.…
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Who is God

  Who is God? Well, He is the beginning and the end. The Alpha and the Omega. He is the great 'I AM'. Indescribable. Holy. The lover of our souls. Almighty creator of you, the earth, stars, planets, and galaxies. He is HUGE! While we are tiny, oh so tiny in comparison. And this God who gives life and breathes stars LOVES YOU! Have the these thoughts ever went through your head: "How could such…
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