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Fun with Math During the Holidays

A Guest post By Chris Coyne of Marshall Cavendish Education and Singapore Math We understand that during the holidays, the last thing on your child’s mind is brushing up on math skills. But whether the turkey is roasting, your favorite team is winning the football game, or you’re counting down the hours to the New Year, there are many fun ways to incorporate math into the holidays. Math is not just about memorization; math should…
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Homeschooling with Netflix {Math & Money}

Last part in my series on Homeschooling with Netflix We have watched all of these and enjoyed them! A Crude Awakening: The Oil Crash "Through expert interviews, this documentary examines the world's dependency on oil and the chaos that's sure to follow when the resource runs dry." Freakonomics (now found on Hulu) "Freakonomics explains different elements of popular culture through economic theory and statistics. Issues include everything from cheating sumo wrestlers to whether Roe v.…
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Math Rider~review

Math Rider is a math game for kids So I am not gonna was sneaky with this review and getting the 12 year old to play it. He thought he was 'too old' for the 'game' and said it was for younger kids. I opened the program and went to the difficult level of addition. As you play the game and advance you go across the Mathlands from The Land of Ray. So as the…
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