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Prodigal Child {Being THAT Mom}

photo credit: Ed Yourdon via photopin cc Being the mom of a Prodigal: Is not a mom that didn't pray for her child. Is not a mom that didn't discipline her child. Prodigal's aren't a result of poor parenting. Please don't give her the cold shoulder because she is mom to 'that child' that did 'that thing' or because you don't like her child or approve of their behavior. Don't think she is okay with…
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Meet the Parents

We had Boy Child #1's girlfriend's parents over for dinner and a bonfire. There is talk of the M word, so the potential of sharing grand babies with this couple are quite high. My BFF has already gone through meeting the parents a few of times. I have watched and learned as she hasn't had the best of luck with the in-laws. Will they like us? Do they like our son? Will they still like…
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