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Not Back to School~ A day in our life

A day in our life….   Well. I can say no two days are the same….ever…. I am not a strict, stick to the schedule, kind of homeschool ; We ALL went nuts when I tried that. There were tears! Our typical light ‘summer’ schedule has gone somewhat close to this: Roll out of bed by 10ish….really lucky day is 9:30 Eat and get dressed…if it was Tuesday or Thursday this was usually in a…
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Not back to School~Curriculum week

Ahh Curriculum….where I have been known to not finish one year only to continue the following year. It’s frugal This year I have a plan….written! in a planner! I know…be still your heart!Emily: -ahem- 9th grade in denial, but whatevJesse: 7th grade….denial about this too….Geography/History: US History/50 states. 1 State a week and 1 President a weekalso participating in a 50 states post card swapMath: Life of Fred I think….unless somebody wants to gift me…
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