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On Faith

This year my One Word is FAITH. Keep the FAITH? Be FAITHFUL? Did you know the word FAITH is in the Old Testament 2 times? (NKJV) Did you know it's in the New Testament 272 times?! (NKJV) When I chose this word I had it in my head Keep the Faith. As in have no worries,God has my back. My days are God breathed. Even in the valleys He has my back. Especially in the…
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He Knows You

We have two young adult sons. They are as different as black and white. One is all redneck One is hipster One is blonde One is brunette One is a preacher One is a wild land fire fighter One has walked away from God many times. One had a drug problem. Being drug to church all the time. Our oldest went to Job Corp at 16, so until then, he had a 'drug' problem as…
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One Word 2013

Last year I chose Simple. For the most part I did okay with following the Simple in my life. This year my One Word is Faith. With the direction our country is going I need to have Faith. I prep for any type of possible scenario. I sometimes obsess with the possibilities of man made scenarios. Financial Collapse. EMP. That sort of thing. I need to have Faith that He will be there I also…
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