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First Amendment Follow Up

This is a follow up to my post the other day about Boy Child #2 having his Poetry Slam stopped at North Idaho College. Joey had a meeting with the man in the video. The man admitted to hearing only about 3 seconds of the Slam. He was stopping Joey because a staff member complained about the noise level. Joey has a naturally loud voice. All his life teachers told him to be quiet. The…
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Christian Living

First Amendment Rights Infringed Upon

Today is Boy Child #2's 21st Birthday. Today he was going to perform some of his Poetry Slam at the Student Union Building of our local college. Boy Child #3, Girl Child and I decided to surprise him by just showing up. Support him and also to record his poetry. I hadn't heard it yet. Joey got up in the SUB aka cafeteria and asked for everybody's attention. Public speaking has always come easy for…
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