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What’s Your Threat? {Forest Fire Safety}

Photo of my son. Credit to unknown fellow Firefighter Living in the mountains of North Idaho, I would say forest fire is our #1 threat. If not #1, it is in our Top 5, right behind maybe earth quake and blizzard. We have a son who is a Wildland Firefighter so, honestly, I hadn't given much thought to our own safety, until it became obvious that he wasn't necessarily going to be here if we…
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Food Storage

How I Preserve Food: Dehydrating

There are a lot of ways to preserve food. Canning via water bath or pressure canner, Freezing, Eating. Ok eating doesn't preserve, it consumes. My preferred method is dehydrating. Mostly because I don't have to pay close attention to what I am doing. If you forget about it, your food isn't ruined. Unless you turn it off and don't immediately store the freshly dehydrated food. By forget I mean around 3 weeks. The zucchini were…
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