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Preppers Road March {A Review}

Preppers Road March Written by Ron Foster Book 1 of Prepper Road Saga The main character is Dave. He is a prepper who is out of town for work when an EMP hits the town he is in. While he has preps with him in his truck he isn't near it at the time. He decided to get out of dodge or GOOD without going the few miles to his truck. He has to find…
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Zombie Apocalypse book review

This is the first review of a book from this genre. Although I am not sure if it goes under Zombies or Prepping. Plan and Prep:Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse was a quick read. You can get it at Amazon (affiliate link above) for $ hard copy or .99 Kindle. This book had some amount of entertainment a Zombie Apocalypse is highly unlikely. You follow the Jones family through different emergency scenarios where they have had…
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