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Summer Reading List for Teens

These are on our reading list this summer. Granted, I may be wishful thinking. Teens + Summer + reading don't always work. One can hope. Please feel free to leave your favorites in the comments and I will update this list. 1984 and Animal Farm Animal Farm A biting satire of the Russian Revolution, Animal Farm imagines a wholly democratic society built on the credo that All Animals Are Created Equal. 1984 London, 1984: Big…
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Reading Eggs TOS review

  screen shot for the new readers. We glanced at it for a for the new all the same. Below is the screen shot of the game for the more advanced reader. Say ages 7-12. They can choose between going to the mall, library, stadium, or the comprehension gym. Going to the library they can pick out a book. Read it online and then get 'eggs' for reading it. For example Timon of Athens will…
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