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Must Have Apps for Road-trips

Road trip apps. When I saw the license plate game app I laughed. Thought no way. Then I remembered Road trip 2003 (pre blogging days) and remembered the cool magnet game that I bought special. I also remembered how we lost all of the cute little license plates and had to throw away the game. So, yes, there is an app for checking off our license plate spotting State Hunt. This is merely a list…
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Road-trip 2012 wrap up or National Lampoon Goes West

; Our Road-trip 2012 was not without a few speed bumps. I had a plan. A bit strict, but there was lots to see and I didn't want to miss any of it! Becuase we were using The Principal's hotel points we had to make reservations for each night. That meant we had to be at that hotel for that given night. That made for a bit of stress. Just because Mapquest says it's a…
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