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Homeschooling through Crisis

Note: This is not the Reader's Digest version. I guess I still needed to process. Feel free to scroll to the bottom to see how I got through my crisis. I wish I could say I haven't really had to homeschool through a crisis. My crisis was 22 months ago and I still feel like I am not back on track yet. My mother moved 'in' with us September 11, 2005. I use in in…
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1. springing back; rebounding. 2. returning to the original form or position after being bent, compressed, or stretched. 3. recovering readily from illness, depression, adversity, or the like; buoyant.   Resilient is something I am ; Our younger two children are ; They are 12 and ; Boy child, 12, was immediately sad and shed tears upon hearing about my ; Girl child, 14. She had a look of shock and then calmly stated she…
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His plan isn’t always our plan

We don't always know why He does what He does. Saturday morning a very close friend of our family lost his life in a motorcycle accident. This young man was like a brother to my boys. He has me listed as his mother on Facebook. He was 27. A man of God. My heart aches for my boys. For the pain they are experiencing losing both their Gran and Franco in the same week. I…
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Christian Living

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I am taking a break. A break from a new normal that I haven't shared much about. Mom's health is declining. Her eyesight is foggy without an explanation. She is getting physical and occupational therapy at a long term care facility. She will be discharged next Friday. A new normal of more hands on caregiving for me. New questions as to where do we go from here? So today I am taking a break. I…
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