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Food Storage

Pressure Canning Bacon

  Yes! You can safely pressure can ;   Line the bacon up on parchment paper and then fold over Roll it up like a sleeping bag, tucking as you go. Put it in the larger wide mouth may have to force it in. It will be a tight fit. All snug in the pressure canner. This is what you get That grease will harden and look gross. But it will be super yummy on…
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What We are Doing to be More Self Sufficient

There was a time I was part of the 47%. It was a season in my life that is part of my story, but it is a closed chapter. Fast forward and you have a new season. A season where I am as far right as I was left. A season where I don't want to have to depend on the government for my care or my children's care. I want to be self sufficient.…
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