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Essential Oils

My Go To Oil During Stressful Times

Over the years I have written about Morale Boosting Foods if the SHTF, 5 Things I'll Miss the Most if the SHTF, and this post about Normalcy Bias. STRESS I don't think I have shared what oils will help your actual stress when the SHTF. Your SHTF may look different than mine, but I think it is safe to say that we ALL had a little of it back in March of this year. Fast…
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Food Storage

Morale Boosting Foods for when the SHTF

So the Shizz has indeed HTF. You have rice and beans. You have wood and propane. You have used coupons and stockpiled toothpaste and body wash. Do you have morale boosting foods for a SHTF scenario?   I asked my Prepper Peeps what are some foods that you will miss when the , I said when, because I do believe that something will happen in our lifetime. Obviously, or I wouldn't be a Prepper. #1…
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5 Things I’ll Miss Most if the SHTF

I just got done reading Cyberstorm It's about the Internet going down, then NY city gets hit with back to back snowstorms. The latter of the two has happened to us before, but not when the Internet was down and without internet lots of things, in this day and age, don't work. Everything is online. Did you know you can use your smart phone to turn on the heat at home if you want. If…
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