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Whole 30 Where I Confess I’m a Rule Breaker

It's confession #1 While I seriously DID NOT think the Almond milk latte was cheating, because let's face it, if I was going to cheat it would NOT be with Almond milk. Friday I had a sugar free went to coffee with my sons girlfriend (did I tell you he was courting a young lady he actually dated in high school?) Anyway, we went for coffee and I had a mocha. #2 I am a…
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Whole 30 Recap Days 3-10

On January 2nd I wrote how The Principal and I were going to embark on Whole30. Basically Paleo on steroids. Strict, strict Paleo eating. I was scared. Scared I would starve! Scared about missing out on all the 'good' junk food. I would miss my powdered white chocolate mocha's with Creme de Menthe. I would miss my Fritos and Bean Dip. Missing food? Seriously? I think I have a problem. Days 1 and 2 were…
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