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Winter Driving Essentials

  Winter Driving Essentials These are the Top 10 items I take with me on winter road-trips. Anytime we get in the car it is a minimum of 20 minutes drive 45. Throw in a trip to Seattle and a good day is 5 and a half hours. Anything that won't be damaged by freezing temperatures goes into the car around Halloween. Anything else is as needed.   1. Tire Chains Normally, if conditions call for…
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Frugal Living

Tips to Stay Healthy This Winter

Get outdoors: Take up snowshoeing or cross country skiing. Get as much natural Vitamin D as you can. Boost your immune system: Look natural ways to boost your immune system and with the seasonal influx of flu and colds there is never a better time to get started. I take natural supplements everyday and try to eat a healthy diet, low in sugar. Probiotics also help for good gut health which helps overall health. Look…
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