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A New Beginning

Wow, it has been a really long time! I thank you for sticking around, or at least stopping by occasionally. I have been blogging for something like 12 years now. Holy cow! I started out on blogspot as Crazy Homeschool Mama. Came to Mama Kautz where I continued my writing and sharing our homeschooling journey. I started integrating our homesteading knowledge which included canning, goats, and of course chickens. Then I went down the preparedness…
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Lisa Jo, every week, posts a writing prompt. We just write. No corrections. Just raw writing. Go/ We chose not to Stay. The church home of 5 years. Things happened. Words were said. I tweeted. Misunderstandings. Meetings. More words. Hurt. In the end We chose not to Stay It's been a journey, this choice. We sometimes feel we are in the dessert. He hasn't left us, even though we chose not to Stay. If anything…
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Every Friday we write. For 5 minutes. No corrections. No re-writes. Just write. In the Quiet spaces of my heart. The places only He knows. Where only my deepest secrets are. Where I want to keep them Quiet. Not sharing doesn't give God the glory. Not sharing the Quiet is making Satan loud. "you can't share that" "you will lose readers if you share that" "He won't forgive that" The Quiet places need to be…
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