Review of Tessemae's by @MamaKautz

I know you may be thinking what the heck? A review for salad dressing? (Disclosure: I was given free product AND I was paid to review it)
This doesn’t have anything to do with preparedness. It kind of does. Healthy eating, in our house, is considered part of our preparedness plan. We need to be in the best shape possible, not a round shape, but physically fit to be ready for the SHTF. That said, I am also getting away from writing about prepping and moving towards wellness. (Find more goodness at soon)

On to the review.


End of review.


Can I tell you why I love it?
I can? Cool!

#1 All Natural
The story goes that Tesse was a mom to 3 boys (so am I) She was tired of the ingredients in your run of the mill dressings. (so am I) So Tesse created her own, all natural line of dressings and marinades. I don’t what I love more. That she is a mom like I am going after her dreams, or that I can fell COMPLETELY at ease with my sons using these products on their food. I could pronounce all of the ingredients!

#2 Labeling
I love that their labels are so easy to read. Want Paleo? It’s on there. Dairy, Gluten, or Sugar free? It’s on there. Kosher? Yep, it’s on there. Doing a Whole30? Some of these are even on the approved food list for Whole30!

Honey Balsamic Marinade by Tessemae's

#3 Delicious!
I took some of our Zaycon Foods chicken breast and marinaded it in the Honey Balsamic marinade overnight. Grilled it the next evening and oh my gosh!! SO GOOD!
I did enough chicken to eat throughout the week and it was great tasting every time!

Tessemae's All Natural Dressing and Marinades

You can find Tessemae’s on Facebook and Twitter

You can purchase your own Tessemae’s on their site. Use code TesseLove

    I was given these amazing products to review and I will be compensated financially, but these products are SO GOOD! You won’t regret buying them!

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