The Long Road by G. Michael Hopf

Book 2 in a 4 book series, The Long Road picks up after The End.

Again, I couldn’t put this one down and was a fairly quick read. One afternoon.
If you aren’t already a prepper (you read my blog and don’t have at least water and TP stored?) you will wish you were. This book is one of those that will make you think and wonder “Will it really be that way?”
Some characters you have a love/hate relationship with. I really enjoy the parallel lives of the characters and where they are. Going back and forth between story lines without a problem.
There is violence and foul language, but it is the end of the world after all.
I will be buying book 3 and pre-buying book 4 they are that good.

Author’s Contacts:
Twitter: @GMichaelHopf

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