A Christian retreat.
For Homeschool moms.
About Blogging.

People. It’s the perfect storm!

It is what is known as The Beech Retreat


So I have Big Dreams about going to this retreat.

A bit of a hurdle is the cost…while it’s a screaming deal, all inclusive, right down to the shuttle fee….The Principal can’t afford to sponsor me again. (I just went to Allume last month…you know….where I went on that prayer walk and He said write and e-book)

I don’t see this retreat as a vacation…although it would be bliss to be in the sun and Son and escape the North Idaho winter.

I see it as a chance to recharge both my passions…blogging and homeschooling.

I am entering my 2nd season of homeschooling high school.
Can you say BURNOUT people? Seriously….I need to be recharged.

My blog…my blog is my passion. My ministry.
Blogging Transparently for Christ.
Sharing my story in hopes to tell others “You are NOT alone” “I’ve been there.”

I look at this retreat as an opportunity to learn. How to effectively communicate my story. How to Blog Transparently for Christ while still protecting my family and my integrity.

So, I am entering a contest at Jolanthe’s blog (incidentally, as I thought her twitter name said, her name is not Jolan The Erb)

I am praying to win a ticket to this amazing learning opportunity.

I am praying for sponsorship, other than from The Principal.
Airfare is around $425….The Golden Ticket price is $635

You might be wondering why I am even THINKING about going when the health of our oldest son is unknown.
I can’t stop living.
I can’t stop dreaming.
Obviously, if His plan is different than mine, then His will be done.

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