Before I begin, this is NOT currently a problem in our home, but it is a problem in their generation.

We are on our second round of teenagers. I am finding this second round a bit more daunting than the first. Let me tell you why.
Cell phones!
Our older two had them. Old flip style phones with texting. I don’t think their first phones even had cameras. To get cell service at home you had to put your phone in the window of the living room. It was the only place a text would come through.
Fast forward five years. Those teenagers are now in their 20’s and we have 13 and 15 year old’s.
Our 13 year old’s first phone was an iPhone. I know. I justified it because he needed a phone and iPod…ok didn’t NEED either…anyway, both teenagers got iPhone’s for Christmas.
Out Little Town also got a cell tower this last summer. So now there is cell service ALL.OVER.THE.HOUSE.
Do I blame myself for even getting them the cell phones? Yes, I should have just gone with iPod’s…IF they have to have music at all.
We didn’t, so now there are some ground rules. Rules I am having to make a conscious effort to enforce because, well honestly, I am a tired mom. It is my job to protect them, and I will. It is just taking a lot more effort this time around.


You may be asking “Mama Kautz, why are you writing about this if it isn’t a problem with your kids?”
Because it’s out there! Christian kids are NOT immune. We, as parents, have our heads in the sand if we think they are. Remember my posts on my son?

It starts with a little “Hey….how’s it going” to “What R U wearing?” to “Send me a pic”…. This could be from either boys or girls….It happened years ago at our homeschool co-op! So, no, Christian kids (or homeschoolers) aren’t immune.

Please. Be involved in your kids lives. Pay attention to who they are texting. Do RANDOM phone checks. Don’t be that parent who thinks “Not my kid.” It could be your son or you daughter.
It is our JOB to protect them.

sexting stats

Make the time to watch this sermon. He shares some of the stats I have above, but also gives more insight, even as a not-yet-parent.

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