The Survival Savvy Family  Review by @MamaKautz

When I was was given the chance to review The Survival Savvy Family by Julie at Home Ready Home I was super excited. I have read Julie’s blog for sometime and recently she has allowed me to ask a ton of questions about her neck of the woods.

This book is not your “The world is ending” type of survival book. It is full of practical tips and information that you can apply to everyday life.
It has an emergency kit checklist, basic first aid checklist, what to have in a Grab-n-Go binder, and a Get Home bag checklist.
There are tips for a power outage, what to do in the case of a natural disaster, what to do if you have a non working bathroom, and even how to pick a generator.

The back of the book has resources like websites and survival gear suppliers.
What sites to go to for food storage, as well as her favorite blogs.

What I love about this book is it’s not a pound your chest type of survival book. I have no problem with those types of books, but I love the practicality of this one.

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