This is one of my favorite movies! A line I love to quote.

As with most of our subjects in our homeschool I don’t do crying. From the day I started homeschooling I haven’t allowed crying.
Do I make my child sit there and fuss over how hard it is? No.

When I mean I don’t do crying I mean that no subject is worth crying over.
No subject is worth ruining our homeschool day over.

We only have a finite amount of time with our children at home. I don’t want their memories to be of sitting at the dining room table for hours over math

Do I let them manipulate me by crying through every subject?
Do I let them skip huge sections and move on?
We take a break and come back to it. Maybe later that day. Maybe the next day.

My philosophy probably comes from a combination of practicing attachment parenting when they were little’s and from the thought that they learn a lot more doing life than doing a worksheet.

Please don’t read that I don’t think math is important. I do. All subjects are important. My Sophomore is actually great at math. So for her this would be titled There’s No Crying in Essay Writing.

My opinion is nothing is gained when tears are shed over learning.

Stay tuned for my next ‘controversial’ post….Does Your Homeschooler HAVE to go to College?

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