I wanted to share with you a few of my favorite things.

These are items we have purchased for our emergency preparedness plan.
We have these in case of extended loss of power due to snow storm or wind.
Now, I could say in case of financial collapse or Zombie Apocalypse….but these scenarios aren’t as likely.

These are in no particular order…just must haves.

Solar oven. Even if it’s the cold dead of winter, as long as there is sun, I can bake.

Now, obviously I can’t use this if the power is out. Part of my prepping is putting up food. I am able to can bacon, chicken, pinto beans…so if we lose power we don’t lose our meat in the freezer…because it’s on a shelf.

Jerky press to make jerky. Which I dehydrate in….

Then I seal it in…..

Or in jars with this….

Now I don’t use these things JUST for jerky….It is much cheaper to buy it obviously. I do, however, dehydrate fruit and I’ve been known to dehydrate onions.

Because we are on a well…if we lose power we lose water….
So we invested in one of these:

We also have this as a back up if we have to use water from other sources. This is a way to quickly boil water with whatever you have on hand that will burn.

Now I know you are probably thinking Oh my $$$.
Yes. These things were on the expensive side. BUT I see them as an investment.
If we had been on the east coast this winter we would be ok.
We would have a way to cook.
We would have a way to access our water or at least boil it.
We would have food preserved if we couldn’t get to the store.

If you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to ask.

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