The beauty in homschooling is the flexibility to change things up.
If one of your children isn’t ‘getting’ math you can leave and come back to it or you can change the way you teach it.

If you started out with K12 and decide it’s not for you, you can change it up and switch to, say, unit studies.
We have run the gamut of styles of homeschooling. K12 to Unit Studies to Charlotte Mason to Unschooling back to Charlotte Mason
Ultimately we do what works for each child’s learning style.
I have a son that was a whiz at math and hated writing. Our next son loved to read and hated math. We used curriculum that fit their style.
Homeschooling can fit the child, not the child fitting the learning.

If something doesn’t fit CHANGE IT.
For us, there’s no crying in math.
That said not all schooling is going to be all strawberries and cream. It’s not always fun. I try ti discern when a child is struggling with the curriculum and when a child really just doesn’t like that subject.

Also, don’t fix what isn’t broken. If your child is happy let it be. Even if you don’t necessarily care for it.

Something else I learned early on in our homeschooling: I don’t HAVE to have all of the top of the line curriculum. While those catalogs that come are fancy and inviting, our bank account isn’t endless. We couldn’t afford for me to buy all sorts of great curriculum only to have it collect dust on the shelf.

I want to encourage you, it’s okay to change things up in your homeschool. Your child may end up thriving rather than suffer with a curriculum that doesn’t fit.

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