Top 10 Around Triple R

I thought I would do a fun post since I’ve been pretty serious as of late.

Today I am showing you 10 things you might see if you came to Triple R AKA Red Rock Ranch.

Mabel and Wilbur

Meet Mabel and Wilbur or Ham and Bacon as the older boys like to call them. For the record. Pigs stink. A lot. Jury is still out on if we are breeding these two or butchering one and selling one.

Hawk and Fonz
These two boys were little itty bitty when we got them. Now they just eat. All.the.time. For fear of losing a reader or two…their destiny is classified.

red quad

green quad
No ‘ranch’ is complete without some toys for the big boys.

toddler car
This belonged to Boy Child #3…since we have friends who still have littles we are keeping this around. Plus. It’s the last little kid toy we have.

Em truck
Our 16 year old daughter’s new-to-her truck. This is a fun little truck.

Our ducks. They also stink. When confined. So we let them free range with our chickens.

baby goats
Our baby goats, whom we will be selling as soon as they are weaned. Born July 3rd

A few of our chickens. These guys aren’t laying yet….soon…I hope.

Do you participate in Top 10 Tuesday?

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