Top 10 Things in My Get Home Bag @MamaKautz

What are the top 10 things in my get home bag? If you’ve been reading my blog for any part of the last year, you know that I am a prepper. Not a crazy on TV type of prepper. We are completely normal and believe in being ready for any type of emergency.
Whether it be:

  • forest fire
  • earthquake
  • bridge collapse
  • terrorist attack
  • financial collapse
  • EMP

These are my Top 10 items in my Get Home Bag. Or in my case, box. I carry a Rubbermaid tote in my Suburban with these items. We will transfer into my Everyday Carry bag. The kids also have Get Home bags in the car that we will transfer to.
Now the only reason we would need to “Get Home” would be if we had to walk; thus abandoning our car. These items are for just getting home. Enough for food and water for hiking home or for about 24 hours. Whenever we go to Target or Costco it is a 40 minute drive one way. It would take us 6 hours just to walk without being under an emergency situation. Very well could be longer if we have any sort of roadblocks or had to get off of the main road.

(In alphabetical order)

A change of clothes for each member of the family. This may need to be rotated as kids grow. Also a pair of sneakers. Especially in summer when we are most likely wearing flops.

Calorie dense foods like protein bars etc. We enjoy the tuna packs with crackers. Also rotate and pay attention to expiration dates.

Matches and/or fire-steel, etc. Any way to build a fire if you need to.

First Aid
In addition to my EDC I have more First Aid supplies in the bin. Add N-95 masks to this list also, in case of debris, dust, or illness.

Flashlight and/or glow in the dark sticks. You can pick up a 3 pack of headlamps at Costco for $9.99

Bug spray, sun block, duct tape

Paper Map and Compass
In a grid down situation your phone GPS isn’t going to work. Know multiple ways to get home ahead of time to reduce stress. Practice them.

TP! Take the cardboard out of the middle and squish it down. Put it in a Ziploc bag to keep dry. Hand sanitizer. Baby wipes.

Self Defense
In addition to my 9mm I have pepper spray and a couple of knives.

Tarp or tube tent. Don’t forget the paracord. Emergency blankets also.

I rotate small bottles of water. I write the date on them to keep track. This works in case one of the kids forgot their Camlebak bottle at home.
Also filter straws are great.

What would you add?

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