13 Top Prepping posts of 2013

1. How to Render Pig Fat
Who knew that would be my most read post of 2013!?

2. I’m Pooless
This is technically from last year, but still lots of interest in it. I’d say this is under prepping because storing baking soda and
apple cider vinegar is cheaper than storing shampoo and conditioner.

3. 15 Gift Ideas for Preppers
Not just for Christmas!

4. Top 10 Ways to Begin Prepping
Hopefully, by now, you all at least have a 72 hour kit at home.

5. Food Storage: Rice and Beans
Again, I wrote this the end of last year, but still super popular.

6. Prepping on a Budget
You don’t have to do it all or have it all overnight, you just have to start

7. 31 Days of Preparedness Series
Not as popular as I had hoped, but as long as I helped one person it was worth it!

8. Homemade Fire Starters
You can also use dryer lint and a toilet paper tube.

9. Practice What you Preach: What I learned during a power outage
That happened as we were going to watch American Blackout.

10. Pressure Canning Hamburger
Written at the end of last year, still lots of interest this year.

11. 10 Things in my Get Home Bag
Stuff I store in my car.

12. These are a Few of My Favorite Things
My faves from my first year of prepping. Need to update this list.

13. 31 Days of Preparedness: 5 level of Preparedness
Not a lot of pins, but a lot of traffic.

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