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How to use On Guard 52 Different ways:
52 Different Uses for doTERRA's Protective Blend #MamaKsEssentialOils

Homeschooling with Netflix series. I had 4 in the Top 14 for traffic. Go here to see them all.
Homeschooling with Netflix Series

Side effects you didn’t know about.
5 Side Effects of Essential Oils the Experts aren't Telling You

How to dehydrate garlic. Which remind me I am almost out.
How to Dehydrate Garlic

This was part of a great series. Go read the Prepared Bloggers posts.
Cooking without Power part of Prepared Bloggers 30 Days of Preparedness and National Preparedness Month

Pressure Canning ground beef. I have also done chicken and bacon, but those aren’t as popular.
Pressure Canning Ground Beef

A few different food storage methods.
10 Long Term Food Storage Methods

Remember when EV68 was in the news?
Essential oils for EV68

This list is great for any occasion
15 Gift Ideas for Preppers

Then there was that Ebola scare, but the election happened and Ebola disappeared.
Ebola Precautions for your Family(Ebola Precautions)

Got teenagers? Winter break is here, but then there will be Spring break.
Frugal Summer Boredom Busters for Teens

I have lots of coffee grounds.
5 Uses for Coffee Grounds

Love me some chickens
5 Things I didn't know about getting chickens

Are you just starting out? Here is a post to help you where I share how we started.
Emergency Preparedness on a Budget.....September is emergency Preparedness Month

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