Five Minute Friday where we write for 5 minutes. No looking back. No correcting typos. Just write.

Today’s prompt is Tree.

I was little. Maybe 4 or 5 years old

I would go with mom across the floating bridge.
She would let me pay the toll.
On sunny days it was so gorgeous.
We would go across Lake Washington and drive past the University. I always thought someday I would go to school there…..
Past the college around the curves and turn left up the hill.
The house I was born in was up the hill from Sandpoint Navy Base in Seattle….we moved away from that house when I was 2, but mom had stayed friends with our neighbor there.
Her name was Sharon. I never called her by her first name though. You didn’t do that back then. She was Mrs. W. (Name withheld since original posting as I found her son on Facebook)
She had 2 sons, one that had artificial ears because he was born without them. I remember he was a few years older than me. His name was Brian. Then there was Matthew.
I loved going to visit because they had the BIGGEST Willow tree across the street from their house.
We always parked under that tree.
I would lay on the sidewalk, under that tree, and look up.
Wishing I could climb to the top.

To this day Willow trees are my favorite. I haven’t claimed to the top of one yet though.

Five Minute Friday
photo credit: lisabatty via photopin cc