Five Minute Friday

I haven’t done a 5 Minute Friday in forever. I started following along again after Allume. No. I didn’t go, but those are ‘my people’ I need to be with them.
So today I am going to write. Five minutes. No back tracking. No fixing. Just write.

True meaning real….

True love
Real love that stands the test of time.
The True love that survives the seemingly unsurvivable.

When he loves her wholly and completely even knowing it’s an all or nothing package.
He can’t have ‘just the girl.’
A True man that steps up and father’s children that aren’t even his.

He doesn’t leave, even when he had the right to.

She had done the unspeakable.

She wasn’t so True to him.

The years go by. Their marriage is True now. It is real. She is True and real.
It has survived the seemingly unsurvivable.

He forgives. He loves. He is True.

My disclaimer on the word 🙂

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