I wrote the other day about Trust and Obey.

When I got a call from our oldest about a lump he found.
How he was going to have to have an ultrasound done.
How it could be any number of things…one of them Testicular cancer.

I shared how, when our second son was 8, he had a lump removed.

I was a new Christian when we went through that.
New to praying. Looking back, God was all over it.

From the flat tire the morning of the re-scheduled surgery (boy child ate a corn pop the original day)
to the lady who ‘happened’ to be going that way that drove us to the hospital so we wouldn’t be late.
He was all over it when I asked my MOPS Sisters to pray. He knew. He had a plan.
So when that doctor came out of surgery and said “It looks like lymphoma.” I had to trust Him.
I researched for no less than 12 hours about what Lymphoma was…how to treat it…would he survive.
I was sucking at the trust thing.
The doctor called us days sooner than we expected.
He said he didn’t know how or why, but it wasn’t Lymphoma.
It was Cat Scratch Fever

It was an infection that the boy child had received after getting scratch or bitten by our cat.
He could have ‘sworn’ it was Lymphoma. My response to him was maybe not tell patients families that until he knows for sure.

This time it’s a different boy. With the dreaded C word.
But, I am trusting He won’t leave us alone on this journey.
His ultrasound results were inconclusive.
There is a growth. It is not a cyst.

We will know more after an appt. with the urologist.
Please continue to pray….for His will and for mama peace.