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U is for Unschoolish.  Why just ish….I truly do use Charlotte Mason ways of schooling.  I go to Simply Charlotte Mason for curriculum guides and ideas.….I would say we lean towards unschooling because we lack schedules….of any kind really.  But we get it done. I might even say we are child led…an easier way without stigmas attached than saying unschoolers.  Honestly….who doesn’t get a little scared when the U word is said.  I don’t even TELL people that we are remotely borderline U people……

Here is a great post by Jessica at Christian Unschooler.com.  Unschooling isn’t Unparenting.  We are very involved in their learning.

To me unschooling is merely no textbooks. No desks. No school district rules. No boundaries.

Learning through LIVING

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