Unplugging from Social Media and a Roadtrip
photo credit: Jason A. Howie via photopin cc

By the time you are reading this Team Kautz is on Road Trip 2013. Not near as far as Road Trip 2010 or 2012.
We are ‘only’ going to Washington. Which, in reality, is 5 miles to the west of us. No 3200 miles and 5 states.

We will be attending my nephew’s wedding, who incidentally, is marrying my BFF’s sister. We didn’t even introduce them! How cool is that?

Then we will be heading down Highway 101 on the Washington coast.
Camping on the ocean is ranked right up there with heaven on earth for me.
Not to be overlooked is The Principal’s love of mountains. We are then heading over to Mt. Rainier National Park to camp some more.

While we are on vacation there will be guest posts here, as well as my Homeschooling with Netflix.
On August 18th you can read about What Homeschooling has Taught Me by Amanda at Hopkins Homeschool.
On August 23rd you can read about the 3R’s of Homeshooling by Kerry Beck of How to Homeschool My Child

I will be unplugging. Although I am sure I will be posting to Instagram so you can follow along there. Maybe.

Have you unplugged at all this summer?
Tell me about it in comments….I’ll see it when I get back 🙂

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