Five ways to re-use eggshells

If you have chickens then you likely have an abundance of egg shells. Today I am sharing 5 ways to reuse eggshells.


In Your Coffee
Eggs shells reduce the bitterness. Add shells to the grounds in your coffee pot pre-brew.

In Your Compost
To add calcium to your dirt.
Eggshells include lots of nutrients that are great for plants.
Just crush or grind them up in your coffee grinder or blender and add to your compost.

Give Back to Your Chickens
I crush them up and mix with their feed. I have not had a problem with my chickens
eating their own eggs.

For First Aid
Use the membrane to draw out a sliver or cover a small cut.

In Your Garden
If you don’t have a compost pile, just crush them and put directly around your plants.

Uses for Eggshells



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