Valley Food Storage Review by @mamakautz

Valley Food Storage Review by @mamakautz

I was recently given the chance to do a review on some Valley Food Storage food.
I will tell you now, I was pleasantly surprised. I had a done a review of a similar product and had stomach issues for a few days.
Not the case with this brand.


Irish Pub Style Potato Soup

Irish Pub Style Cheddar Potato Soup @MamaKautz

We chose to have this for lunch on a rainy, summer day.

Inside the bag of Pub Style Potato soup @MamaKautz

Doesn’t look like much. I thought no way will this feed the 3 of us.

Pub Style Potato Soup review by @Mamakautz

This would have fed 2 easily. It was enough to give 3 of us a good taste. Maybe with a dinner roll it would have been plenty.
It was goooood! Like good enough for me to use again on a busy evening. Good enough that I will buy more to put in my own food storage plan.

I don’t say this lightly because I am picky about my food storage, so believe me when I say it’s goood.
I love that it was no MSG and overall real food. Not a lot of filler. It was like I freeze dried my own soup to have on a rainy day.

I recommend this food, even though I was given this free for my review.

They don’t have an affiliate program, so if you would like to get your own I kindly ask you use my Amazon affiliate.

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