I am taking a break. A break from a new normal that I haven’t shared much about. Mom’s health is declining. Her eyesight is foggy without an explanation. She is getting physical and occupational therapy at a long term care facility. She will be discharged next Friday. A new normal of more hands on caregiving for me. New questions as to where do we go from here?
So today I am taking a break. I am over in Seattle. E and J2 leave tomorrow for a 7 day cruise with their Oma and aunt. I have a half marathon Sunday with my bff. Monday I will head home. The Principal will be out of town so I am going to stay with him in his hotel Monday night. I will also get a dinner date with him. Then home for the week. Bring mom home Friday. Come back to Seattle to get the kids Saturday.
A new normal. It’s not North Carolina, but it’s His plan so I am keeping the faith.



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