One way I save money is by using washable duster and mop pads

Saving money with washable duster and mops pads

I recently needed motivation! I need to get my house UNDER CONTROL in the cleaning area of our lives.
I loved having the kids dust with those disposable dusters and also mopping with the disposable mop heads.
Makes it quick and easy and lets face it, when Flylady says housework done incorrectly STILL blesses the family….something is better than nothing in this case. Not that my kids do it wrong….just not sufficient……sometimes.
I found a reusable duster and mop pad!
They both can be tossed in the wash when you are done!
I also finally invested in a $5 empty spray bottle. I fill it with my Orange Infused Vinegar. I lost count of how many cheap dollar ones from Wal Mart I went through last year.
The investment was about what I would pay for a box of throw away dusters or mop pads.
So this is what works for me. Getting my house clean while trying to save the planet with less waste.

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