To participate in Five Minute Friday all you do is write according to the prompt from Lisa Jo.
You get 5 mintues. No more. No less. No editing. Just write.

Go/ I am on my second round of teenagers. Something I have found that is a good policy to have is making them feel Welcome. When it’s the early, sleepy hours of the day and they want to come into our room to talk. Or the late night, after dark hours and it’s urgent. Well. Everything is urgent to a teenager. I make a point of making them Welcome. An open door policy if you will. I want them to share what is on their heart when they feel the need. Their dreams. Their hopes. For if you don’t make them feel Welcome chances are they won’t share. If they don’t share then you don’t get to know them. These little adults still in children’s bodies. Welcome them so they feel loved./stop

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