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Can I just say how proud I am of you for showing up for yourself? Putting our health first isn’t always easy and here you are. Today is day 1. I will be sending weekly e-mails with education, recipes, and tips.

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I have a vitality assessment for you here. You can print it off and fill it out or do it online. This is only for your eyes (unless you want to chat about it 1:1) and you will do one each month. It will be nice to look back on and see how far you have come.

This is a great breakdown of the Daily Habits kit, which is what you will use this first month. It explains why we use each product, suggestions on how to use the oils, and even has a tracker you can print so you can remember if you took your supplements. If you only have Lifelong Vitality that is totally ok.

I also have a bonus e-book that explains the why between each supplement in LLV.

Month One is about setting a good foundation. I will send you a text each week with wellness tips and education.

Month Two will be the cleanse and restore. Maybe put that kit on your January order so you have it ready. I will send recipes and tips on grocery shopping.

Month Three we are throwing out all those toxic chemicals in our homes and swapping them out with clean and green. Our hormones suffer when we are exposed to toxins.


I am here to answer any questions and support you on this entire journey. Don’t hesitate to reach out.

Peace, Love, and Strength,


QUICK TIP: Start slow with the Lifelong Vitality if you aren’t already taking it. Start with 1 of each and work your way up. I like to take 2 of each in the morning then my next round by 1 o’clock. Any later than that I have too much energy too late in the day.

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