When we moved to Idaho we called our little 5 acres Red Rock Ranch. Our homeschool is called Red Rock Christian Academy.
Triple R Farm seemed appropriate for our little piece of heaven on earth.

We have recently added to our little brood of chicks from last spring. That are finally giving us eggs.

Meet our newest farm friends.

Mabel and Wilbur….or as boy child #1 calls them Ham and Bacon. We do plan to have more piglets before we butcher these guys.

Claire is the La Mancha (little ears) Jazzy is the Nubian

This is Hawk….he has a long black line down his back like a Mohawk.

This is Fonz. He got a black coat and an attitude.

Hens are Skittles and No Name. Roosters are Kellogg and Cheeto. Can you tell the kids named them?

So this is what we have been busy with as of late.
I am sure there will be many more posts in the future of our little Triple R Farm

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