Eggs-actly what to do with all of those Easter eggs by @MamaKautz

Easter is less than a week away. Usually with Easter comes eggs. Hardboiled to make deviled eggs. Maybe your family dyes eggs. Regardless they are popular this time of year.

Did you know there was a way to dye Easter without that little kit from the grocery store. Jessica at 104Homestead shares egg-sactly (see what I did there) how to do just that in her post How to Dye Easter Eggs Naturally
She also has FAQs on homegrown eggs. Like how many oz is a small vs jumbo egg and how to tell what color of egg your hen will lay.

Do you have farm fresh eggs coming out your ears? We are getting 6-8 per day from 9 girls. There are 4 of us. I would love to hard boil them to either have on hand as a snack or maybe even make deviled eggs. I was able to bless my boys the other night with 2 dozen. They were thrilled.
Jill at The Prairie Homestead has found a way to hard boil farm fresh eggs and still have them turn out beautiful. If you still have too many you can also freeze them.

Make sure you practice safe egg handling. Of course it depends of if you are following the FDA or European standards. I will let you pick. Lil Suburban Homesteader talks about whether we should wash our farm fresh eggs or not. If you heard my podcast about chickens you know that this is an issue for me. Darn chickens poop in their nesting boxes. So I personally wash them because they are gross y’all.

What do you do with your abundance of eggs? Do you have a favorite recipe for deviled eggs? Or maybe egg salad sandwiches? Leave a link to your post in the comments so we can check it out.

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