I happened upon a Twitter Party put on by Christian Mommy Blogger about being the Intentional Blogger.

I was immediately intrigued.

What is an Intentional Blogger?

I was reading the description of the book and one sentence caught my eye…

I’ve been thinking on and praying about going to Allume again this year. I really enjoy the fellowship of this conference.
The one thing that stands in my way is finances. It runs me about $1000 to go.
I won’t be able to make this happen without a sponsor.

Here in lies my problem.

How do you find a sponsor when you don’t have a niche?

First, and foremost I blog Transparently for Christ.
I also blog about Homeschooling.
I dabble in Frugal Living.
I’ve blogged about being part of the Sandwich Generation and Grief. I’ve started adding Self Sufficiency and Prepping to my Heinz 57 array of topics.

So how does one go about finding their niche when one is clearly an outside the box type of blogger?
Does it matter if I have a niche if I am blogging for Him? If every post I put up is to glorify Him in some way? Intentionally?

Do you have a niche on your blog?
Are you an Intentional Blogger?

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