On January 2nd I wrote how The Principal and I were going to embark on Whole30. Basically Paleo on steroids. Strict, strict Paleo eating.

I was scared. Scared I would starve! Scared about missing out on all the ‘good’ junk food. I would miss my powdered white chocolate mocha’s with Creme de Menthe. I would miss my Fritos and Bean Dip. Missing food? Seriously? I think I have a problem.

Days 1 and 2 were smooth sailing. The Principal was home. We had pre-prepped veggies into little Rubbermaid style containers. We were ready.

Day 3 The Principal was back at work. I was home all.day.with.the.kids. I am a snacker. I like to eat a little here, a little there. With Whole30 snacking is discouraged. You are supposed to eat enough at breakfast to get you to lunch. Enough at lunch to get you to dinner…etc…

Days 4-6 Were a bit more challenging. The cravings! OH.MY.WORD the cravings! Sourdough bread and chocolate please….just a nibble…ok how about a sniff? No? Ok fine..::insert 2 year old tantrum::: I didn’t give in though. This was also our first weekend. Was much nicer to have The Principal home to help with ideas. You can only have a hard-boiled egg so many days in a row. This was also our first challenge. You see the Seahawks are in the playoffs….and our satellite company doesn’t carry the channel that had the game. We were going to go to the little bar n grill in our Little Town and watch the game. Which meant yummy nachos and deep fried mozzarella and…and….well we started saying “We’ve been good…a little won’t hurt” Then the coffee shop owned by our church was going to show the game…HAZZZAH!! No temptations! This weekend should be no problem…The cravings are all but gone, and at this point I would just fee like crap.

Days 7-10 The Principal is out of town so no dinners to ‘have’ to cook. I am getting a handle on the snacking. I did mess up once, but by mistake. I had an almond milk latte with sugar free peppermint. I was asked if I fell off the wagon after posting to Facebook…no…not intentionally. I can assure you, if I were to fall off the wagon, it would NOT be by using almond milk lol and there would be CHOCOLATE!
This journey, for me, has been interesting.
I am eating food because of the taste. Not out of boredom (as much).
I found I like hard boiled eggs as long as they are with half of an avocado.
My joints don’t ache.
My skin is smoother.
My clothes are fitting better.
I’ve lost 4 pounds!
I am going to post a picture that is out there for me. But I want to show you results. After just 1 week!

I want to encourage you to TRY this Whole30…just give yourself 30 days to turn your eating around.
What do you have to lose, but weight?


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