My Whole 30 Days 1 and 2

My Whole 30 Days 3-10

I’m a Rule Breaker

So. It’s over. The 30 day challenge. For me, if I’m completely honest, it was over about 5 days ago when I went out to dinner with The Principal.

Days 10-20 were HE**. I had THE WORST PMS ever! Cravings that I wouldn’t give into. The Principal had to go out of town and he was happy to go. It sucked.

My cycle was messed up. Was it because the Girl Child was gone for 3 weeks? Was it because of the Peri Menopause thing? Was it my diet? Who knows. It sucked.
I was staying on track for the most part….then we went out to dinner and I wanted to reward myself for doing so well….at like day 25….ya about that. When you body is used to eating healthy it WILL rebel if you feed it crap. By crap I mean pulled pork, dinner rolls, and 2 tall glasses of sweet tea.

The ‘hangover’ wasn’t worth it.

So will I stay on the Paleo path? You bet I will!! The way I felt after eating ever one sandwich with ‘whole wheat’ bread. Or a Dr Pepper….wasn’t worth the dragging feeling and the aches and pains….Sugar? I don’t know. Maybe the grains.

Whole 30 had taught me to eat for fuel not for my emotions.

I learned I like Coconut Oil.
I learned I like mini peppers.
I learned I LOVE avocado and hard-boiled eggs…together!
I learned to plan. If you don’t plan you with not succeed.
I learned that the more real food the better your gut feels.

I am going to do another Whole 30 in March. I am going to hone in my Paleo eating for February.

Did you do Whole 30? How did you do?

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