It’s confession time….

#1 While I seriously DID NOT think the Almond milk latte was cheating, because let’s face it, if I was going to cheat it would NOT be with Almond milk. Friday I had a sugar free mocha….I went to coffee with my sons girlfriend (did I tell you he was courting a young lady he actually dated in high school?) Anyway, we went for coffee and I had a mocha.

#2 I am a daily weigher. If not every morning, at least every other. I can feel the changes and I want to see that number. I know. I am a rule breaker.

#3 I have used Darigold ‘real’ French Vanilla creamer in my coffee just about every day….well every day I have had coffee….which is every day.

Darigold French Vanilla Creamer

Delicious French Vanilla Flavor
4 Simple Ingredients (Milk, Cream, Sugar, Flavor)
Made With Real Half and Half

(less than 5 ingredients is ok per 100 Days of Real Food
(AND I can pronounce them)

I can .ahem. JUSTIFY all of these.

You can drive yourself NUTS by being uber strict.
Did I over do it on Almond butter with my apple? Yes.

Did I have the fritos and bean dip I REALLY wanted? No.

Did I put creamer in my black coffee? Yes. Did I buy my sugar laden, powdered white chocolate mocha with Creme de Menthe coffee at my favorite stand? No ….

So while I am cheating per Whole9.com I am making better choices.
Real food choices.
My body is feeling so good. No aches in the morning getting out of bed. No mid-day give-me-more-coffee-now scenarios.
Do I still have cravings? A few. Chocolate sounds amazing, still. But the kids can eat their pizza or popcorn and they don’t have to eat in their rooms…which, the one time they did was a treat hee hee.
This journey has been a good one. I am almost half way there. Will I go back to the way I was eating….I don’t think so. It will just make me feel gross.

So. There you have it. Confession on a Sunday.

Are you doing Whole30? Have you cheated?

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