1. He led us to homeschool. If He is whispering in your ear that you should, He won’t let you down.
  2. I can’t do this homeschooling thing alone

  3. Long bus ride. Over an hour each way. Yes. My kids haven’t always homeschooled.
  4. Living rurally they had a long ride. End of the year when it’s hot it was not fun.

  5. Enjoy the first snow day. Or first day of Spring. When the weather changes we get outside.
  6. Nothing better than the first snow day. Even though my kids are older now they still enjoy it.

  7. Saves money on school clothes.
  8. We do buy our share of pajamas.

  9. Builds character and reinforces family values. We can say One Nation Under God.
  10. We can say One Nation Under God and not get in trouble

  11. Shorter school day. We can get our work done in a few hours. Leaving time for volunteering or work.
  12. One on one time makes for quicker work. No waiting for the teacher to get to you.

  13. No school shootings or drills. Unless you count our life skills at the gun range.
  14. They do know how to shoot a target.

  15. School lunches are so much better.
  16. They make their own so it counts as Home Ec.

  17. Sleep in when you want. Works great if you have a night owl that likes to read.
  18. Teenagers do much better when they get sleep.

  19. Get to spend time with your kids everyday! You know where they are and who they are with what they are doing.
  20. There have been many more good days than bad. I wouldn’t change it for anything.

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